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In this campaign, a bizarre scenario forces both good and evil-aligned warriors to combine forces against a greater enemy. The Emperor of Argenth, the most powerful empire to exist in the present world, has started a military campaign to annex the province of Nouvert and many innocent surrounding lands into his evil empire. Bent on a mad quest for power, he will stop at nothing, and employ any tactics to achieve his goals.

In this campaign, heroes from the elite 8th battalion of Nouvert find themselves allied with a band of ruthless mercenaries that used to owe allegiance to the army of Argenth itself. Betrayed by Argenth, the mercenaries seek revenge – by any means – against the empire. In a desperate struggle against a common enemy, these groups combined forces to put an end to the Emperor’s oppressive reign.

This campaign is currently in motion, but I am just starting to build the wiki and adventure log here. We follow 3.5 guidelines, but are open to some changes to the rules.

Shadow of Argenth

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