The Mercenary Guild

The Mercenary Guild is an organization that was originally based in the Empire of Argenth. The goal of the Guild is simple: complete missions for money, wealth, items, and other forms of payment. Normally the Mercenary Guild is neutral in conflicts, and only supports sides that hire mercenaries to fight for their respective side. In the Argenth-Nouvert conflict, the Guild originally sided with Argenth due to payment on behalf of the Empire.

The Guild is headed by Isalys, a mysterious rouge who operates with a simple code of honor: If you work for him, or are a client of his, you have his trust. Go back on your word, betray the Guild, or betray his trust in any manner, and his trust in you is over. He will hunt you down and seek every way to subplot you and kill you, unless you desperately attempt to atone for your wrongdoings (which normally requires an absurdly difficult quest or test to prove your loyalty). For example, when Argenth set up a trap for the Mercenary Company, Isalys investigated the matter, discovered the betrayal, and relocated the entire guild to Nouvert to aid them in the war against the Empire.

Here is a brief list of some members of the Guild:
  • Isalys (leader, rogue)
  • Shade (currently in party, rogue, trickster)
  • Devis (Bard)
  • Roland Nailo (Wizard)
  • Melvin (Sorcerer)
  • Reine (Monk)
  • Ragnar (Barbarian)
  • Heme (Cleric)

Ever since the Guild’s relocation to the Mercenary HQ in Nouvert, new recruits have been joining and will soon be added to this list.

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The Mercenary Guild

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