The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries are a specific group of new entrants to the Mercenary Guild that used to operate within the borders of Argenth, at the old Mercenary Headquarters. These new members had to endure a hard trip through the perilous mountain range that separates the Guild from the rest of the Empire. Upon entering the Guild, they had to fight actual members of the Guild, and, due to their great effort, they were inducted as members.

This team of mercenaries consisted of four members at the start:

The team ventured on several missions, the first consisted of fighting bandits by the nearby town of Larup. The missions progressed, and they were asked to aid Argenth’s military in the war against Nouvert. They were eventually asked to investigate a potential cave that connected Argenth with Nouvert, but the missions just led to an encounter with the 8th Battalion of Nouvert. After a quick battle, both the 8th Battalion and the Mercenaries realized that they were falling victim to a trap set by Argenth to take out the Mercenaries. A pitfall trap forced both teams to fight together against a kraken, which they narrowly managed to defeat. The guild soon relocated to Nouvert, and the Mercenaries decided to combine forces with the 8th Battalion to fight the Empire.

During negotiations with Nouvert’s saytr population, Hyphen went in too deep as he tried to capture the head of the Saytr Village’s Council. Hyphen was thus imprisoned, and never seen since.

After the imprisonment and death sentance of Hyphen, Valor, one of the renowned and mysterious Reapers, is required to follow the party and aid them until the bounty for getting Hyphen killed is ready.

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The Mercenaries

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