Nouvert, for a long time, was an independent province of Argenth. Nouvert only retained its independence due to geographical boundaries between itself and the large empire; mainly, a large range of mountains separated the small province from the large empire. A hundred years ago, at the Battle of Malcou, a fort held by Argenth on the mountain border, Argenth’s large military advance was halted by the more experienced combat battalions of Nouvert. Argenth’s large army was forced to break their numbers as they funneled through the mountains. Nouvert’s soldiers were more experienced with the terrain, and through a series of surprise and guerrilla offensives, Argenth was beaten back.

Since the Battle of Malcou, there was not a serious offense on Nouvert for a hundred years. Nouvert flourished, and became an official separate country. Since then, the humans of Nouvert have formed alliances with the local Dwarves and Elves that coexist in the province. Relations with wild Saytrs, however, is not going as well.

Recently, military offenses from Argenth have resumed. A recent infestation of lycanthropy, the disease that turns humans into various creatures (werewolves, werebears, etc.) left Nouvert’s defenses vulnerable to military invasion. Thanks to the brave efforts of the 8th battalion, the invasion was halted at an early stage, leaving the two countries at a military standoff.

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