Malcou is a fort operated by Argenth. It is currently in use and it is situated north of Larup and near the mountain pass to Nouvert.

The Battle of Malcou took place here about a hundred years ago, where Nouvertian soldiers beat back invading soldiers of the Empire that attempted to gain control of the Province of Nouvert. From this fort, legions of the Empire’s soldiers were sent forth to gain a foothold in Nouvert after traversing the mountain pass between the two regions. Unbeknownst to Argenth’s forces, the agents of Nouvert were already aware of the attack, and had carefully positioned Elven and Human troops in vantage points in the mountains. Caught off guard, the forces of Argenth were easily beaten back by the superior archers and Nouvertian infantry battalions.

The Nouvertian advance continued until Argenth’s seemingly invincible force (due to superior numbers) dwindled down within the funnels of the pass. Since the passes tended to be narrow, Argenth’s army was forced to break up and funnel into smaller groups; also, only a select number of soliders could pass through a given point at one time. This enabled the Nouvertians, who were accustomed and familiar with the terrain, to gain a field advantage. Once Argenth’s main force was sufficiently weakened, Nouvert lead a destructive charge to Malcou, where they took the fort, slaughtered its occupants, and burned it to the ground.

A few years after the crushing defeat, Malcou was rebuilt under Emperor Nethaniel III of Argenth. Although the location remains the same, the total ahnialation of the fort required that an entirely new foundation be constructed in addition to reparations to the walls and towers. Currently, the fort is in top condition and regularly patrolled by the Empire’s troops.


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