A long-standing bastion of human power, Argenth dominates the mainland of this world. It spans from the Eastern Sea to the Western Sea, controlling all except for the small province of Nouvert to the Northeast and the Kingdom of Cyronia to the Southeast.

Argenth has been controlled, since the beginning of time, by a sole Emperor. While Emperors are normally male, female Empresses have come to power when no males were born into the Royal Bloodline. Although an unpopular practice, the royals would rather see a female blood-ruler than a male who did not carry on the heritage. The ability to govern falls solely on the Emperor, but as Argenth has gained a lot of land, the Emperor can choose Governors to watch over the various cities. Most of the time, Governor positions and other positions of authority fall to the Emperor’s kin and relatives.

Argenth is divided into two main sections: East Argenth and West Argenth. The main capital city lies deep in the mainland West, where it would be safest from invaders. East Argenth, for governing purposes, also possesses a Capitol.

East Argenth

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