8th Battalion

The 8th Battalion was a group of elite Elven warriors that fought for Nouvert. This battalion was recently commissioned as a previously unknown group of elven heroes banded together to convince the Dwarven Chambers to aid the humans against the werewolf threat. The members of this group convinced the Dwarves to supply the human settlement of Asila with sufficient silver weapons to repel the werewolf infestation.

Following this act of bravery, the Governor of Asila immediately followed up on the group’s request to join Nouvert’s military. They became the 8th Battalion, as the town already had 7 battalions commissioned to its defense. This act proved itself right, as immediately after the werewolf attack, the forces of Argenth invaded Asila. The 8th Battalion bravely defended the town, killed hundreds of enemy soldiers, and killed Olivia, the daughter of the Emperor who was charged with taking Nouvert.

The members of the 8th Battalion are as follows:

The 8th Battalion, due to conflicting missions, is mostly scattered across Nouvert. Ethius Tosa was last seen on patrol in Aarnira, where he was charged with the defense of the elven settlement. Ashlynn and Roy G. Biv are currently on a top-secret mission that is rumored to involve Cyronia; otherwise, the exact whereabouts of the two are unknown. Xencyer was able to remain with the mercenaries, and he currently ventures in the main party on missions to combat the Empire.

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8th Battalion

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