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  • Olivia

    Olivia was a daughter of the Emperor of Argenth. She was a powerful sorceress who was put in charge of the division of the Empire's army that was tasked with seizing control of the Province of Nouvert. Not much is known about Olivia; even her last …

  • Zackery

    An evil wizard who sought to join the Mercenary Guild for financial gain. He braved the perils of the mountain pass to the Guild when it was located in Argenth, and joined after proving his worth in a fight with some of the Guild's current members.

  • Orlac

    Orlac, just like Zackery and Hyphen, endured the trial of the mountain pass to head to the Mercenary Guild. After a fight with the Guild's members where he proved his worth in combat, Orlac and his new allies were admitted into the Guild. Orlac is a …

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