Lawful Neutral Reaper that harvests the dead




Gregor, a half-elf ranger of Orionth, was approached one night while gathering food for himself and his father. Upon his return path, however, he encountered an undead man who hovered about a few inches above the ground. Prepared to fight, Gregor was denied by the creature, as he held up one hand and pointed at the ground. Gregor’s body lay dead on the ground a few paces behind him. A Worg chewed at the body, as Gregor’s spirit was led away by the phantom. In a high counselor’s room of the Reapers, as to which was explained to Gregor by a council of Reapers, he is told about how he posses the heart, courage, and ingenuity of a hero. Gregor’s spirit is put into a deep sleep, and once forth, his heart and emotions are harvested of all the qualities of a hero. He is reincarnated into a human’s body and Renamed Valor.

The Reapers Council

The Reapers High Counsoular is The Grim Reaper himself, led up by a council of Reapers who follows his art of “Guiding” dead souls to the river styx. All Reapers are named after the traits of a true hero, mostly defined by the contributing soul that posesses the Reaper’s body. There are two bounties for all deaths. The Reaper who contibutes the most to the capture of a soul, and then that which is given to the person(i.e. inhabitant of the world) who is most accedited for the death of the person. If the person dies of natural causes, the money is given to the closest in family. If no family is living at the time and there is a death of natural causes, the money is simply stored within the Reapers’ treasury, which has an infinte storage capacity and holding, but not an infinite supply. Bounty money is recieved through travels of Reapers throughout the world. When a shortage in Bounty happens, a Reaper will be assigned to the person recieving the bounty. Most people have no bounty. ONly those who avoid death or commit crimes against death itself, recieve a bounty, and will encounter many more attempts on their life than the average inhabitant of the dying world.

The Reapers’ COde

Reapers sole responsibilty is to retrieve the soul of those who escape death or commit crimes against death by whatever means necessary. Acting against the laws of death are strictly forbidden unless certain circumstances persist. When a bounty is not available, and you are assigned to a person to serve, you will do so within your power and consideration, along with knowledge of the Reapers’ Code. Reapers do not need to abide by the laws of the True world since they are not of the True world. They must, however, abide by the laws inmplied upon by the wokings of the world, to which the Reaper’s power allow. For example, a Reaper need not obey certain laws of gravity if the Reaper has the Deathstep ability.


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