evil, manipulative, Emperor's daughter, Argenth


Olivia was a daughter of the Emperor of Argenth. She was a powerful sorceress who was put in charge of the division of the Empire’s army that was tasked with seizing control of the Province of Nouvert.

Not much is known about Olivia; even her last name, or the true name of her manipulative father remains an enigma for now. She tends to be manipulative herself, with her seeming charm and spells used to charm others.

One night, during a night raid on Born by Hyphen and some Nouvertian soldiers, Hyphen engaged Olivia in combat, blinded her, and almost succeeded at capturing her. In vengeance, Olivia sent forth many legions of soldiers to take the town of Asila before appearing on the battlefield herself. The 8th battalion quickly engaged Olivia in combat. Despite her strategic command of the battlefield with walls of ice and a dangerous spectral hand used to deliver touch attacks from a distance, she soon died by arrow fire from our heroes.


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